2nd Annual 90s Trivia Tournament Standings

UPDATED: June 13, 2019.

Only the top teams listed below from each location are eligible compete in the 2nd Annual 90s Trivia Tournament Finals on Thursday, June 30 at Memphis Made Brewing. Each teams 2 lowest scores will be dropped before winners are crowned.


  • Mary Poppin’ That Ass- 213.5
  • Kevin, Little Mermaid is still  isn’t ’90s- 203
  • The ’90s Were Better Than Season 8- 123
  • The Rugrats- 82.5


  • Courtney Killed Cobain- 153.50
  • I Thought This Was Speed Dating- 149.5
  • When Someone Yells Stop I Don’T Know If Its Hammer Time Or I Should Collaborate And Listen- 137
  • Hey Dudettes- 108.5
  • DDT- 104.5
  • Feral Babies- 75.5